Exodus is not simply the epic narrative of God’s deliverance of the children of Israel. The story of Exodus is part of the larger gospel of Missio Dei—the mission of God. Through Exodus we read of Israel’s experience as part of the greater story of God at work in creation.

We read of the LORD God working through the particular people called Israel to bring about liberation and deliverance. We read of wanderings, apostasy, grumblings, and restoration. This is a story about a particular people in a particular time.

And yet it is also a story for all people. God is still at work in this world, from one generation to the next, in a mission of liberation, healing, and redemption. We are invited to join with God in that holy enterprise. In joining God we also recognize our own need for healing and redemption as well as our call in and to a world of dislocation.

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– Walter Brueggemann

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