About Greg

I am a native Georgian, growing up on a dairy farm outside the small town of Eatonton. While farming is the noble vocation of my father and brother, it was not my calling. When I was eighteen years old I answered God’s call in my life to serve God through serving the local church. Over the years I have been loved by some beautiful congregations throughout Georgia, serving pastorates in Mansfield, Chickamauga, Marietta and Augusta.

After 28 years of wandering in ministry serving one church at a time, my parish has grown.

For a time I trekked alongside friends with developmental disabilities as the Executive Director of Developmental Disabilities Ministries (DDM). I now serve as an interim Dean for Mercer University, relating with McAfee School of Theology and Penfield College. 

Many people and places have helped shape me, but none more importantly than my own family. Amy and I married on a hot July afternoon in Milledgeville in 1988. We have moved from college in Rome, to seminarians in Louisville, KY, to parsonages and homes, currently tugging along two wonderful sons, Clark and Aaron.

When I am not behind the pulpit or about the work of Mercer, I am grateful for quiet evenings at home. I enjoy oil painting, a talent cultivated by patient teachers and friends. As a family we love the outdoors and so when time permits we can be found pitching a tent in the Appalachian Mountains and breathing in campfire smoke.